It’s quite the end of winter already and in my hometown, in the North of France, it’s rainning a lot these days.

Last week, while walking through the path that lead my way to the yoga lesson, I stopped to look at the heavy rain falling on the abandonned field on the other side of the path. Under the heavy rain and the grey sky, the large field with its brown soil is drapped under a thin haze. The scene was spectacular and mesmerizing. I was standing there, under my umbrella, listening to the rain and couldn’t take my eyes off this scene.

During ocassions like this, my mind always flies away, it was with the rain outside, dancing on dead roots of the field , under the rain. It swallowed in the thin haze before arising freely in the heavy sky.
… And all my body want to move, want to dance, want to joint this rythm of nature, there’s something inside me which want to burst out of my breast and sway in the wind, creating vortex of rain and dive deep into this wild nature.

All this is really disturbing as I was a very shy child. Small, shy and discreet. Who was not at ease with her body. When I was younger, I always had the unpleasant impression that my body is a strange thing and it does what ever it wants, it didn’t obey my orders when I ordered it do dance, to move with grace and lightly. Even my mouth refused to obey when I had to talk with strangers and it said silly things when I managed to produce some sounds in front of people that impress me…

I’ve been through a lot of thing since that age. I don’t know if it’s experience, all the chance I had with my parents’ education, with people that I’ve met since, with all the artistic and athletic disciplines that I had the chance to practice. Maybe it’s all this. But now, whenever I have this little thing inside me that want to burst out from my gut, I know that I shouldn’t give it any order, but just let it out and express freely. It’s all the magic I had learnt: taming my own demon.

A huge thank you to Gilbert Pecqueur for his kindness and his talent. Thank you for accepting my demon at your studio.

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