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Misty Orchid

Self-portrait artist, photographer & model

France-based Vietnamese self-portrait artist, photographer and model.

I always knew photography as I grew up surrounded by cameras of my father photographer. I have no specific messages through my art except the encouragement for freedom. I don’t want to stand behind any societal ideology as most of time they lead to nonsense and violence.

My creative process comes straight from my gut, a deep need of creation, of self expression, to be fully in my body, in my being, to be whole. I create only for the aestheticism, for the beauty, for the creative act itself. For me, it should be the only reason to create.

Through my creations, I just want to be fully aware of what’s happening around me, to be present with all my senses and fully absorbed by what I am doing; live genuinely all these experiences, with all my senses, my heart and my brain, and then breath them into my photographs and expressions…

Body expression youtube chanel: Witch Yoga


Perception with Agathe Dupire Art at Zimihc theater Zuilen – Holland (15 Jan – 02 Mar 2018).
Private exhibition and art sale with Agathe Dupire and Léo Deshurlevent at Wasquehal – France (15-16 Dec 2018)
Biennial of Saint Martin sur Ecaillon – France (22-29 June 2019)
Exhibition at Weird Zebra Tattoo – Valenciennes – France (05-31 Oct 2019)
Exhibition in the game « Sur la piste de Ông Cop » created by SubOptimal Games at Fine Art Museum of Valenciennes – France (22 Nov 2019 – 12 Jan 2020)

Jan 2018 – Insomnia Errante art book

Figured in W.I.L.D video clip of  Wake Initiated Lucid Dream
Second role in Faeryland, a film by Magà Ettori, with Yves Duteil and Candice Ford