A ray of sunlight sneaks through the heavy curtain of the room and wakes me up. I open my eyes and take a while to remember where I am.
I think he’s gone now. Men are always like this, they spend a sweet night and then they’re gone, leaving you alone with the sunlight of day and a hotel room full of ghosts hiding behind masks of memory. After all, it’s not a big deal, I turn my back to the window and contemplate the royal blue wall. The room is warm even with this color on the wall, this kind of bitter sweet cosiness when the royal blue is lighted with honey lightbulbs.

Suddenly, the door is openned and he enters with a tray full of strawberries and glasses of milk. He smiles at me and opens the heavy curtain, golden light splashs violently on my naked body, half curled inside the sheet. He looks good in the sunlight.

He shows me the tray of strawberries and milk and kiss my forehead. I don’t like strawberry and I don’t like milk, but he’s so gentle and kind I picked a strawberry and bite its soft skin, my lips turn red and red juice run along my mouth to my chin.
The red drop falls down to the snow white sheet. I look at it for a while, drinking the white milk, feeling the fresh liquid go down inside my throad and swamp behind my breasts.

He stands just next to the veil curtain of the window asking me if I know that the room was once rented by a politician? I told him no and ask him what’s happenned to the politician? He tell me that the man evaporated in the air after murdering a lot of beautiful girls.

The strawberry drop on the sheet now seems to be scarlet. He ask me to come near him, I put the glass on the tray and scramble next to him. He wraps me slightly in the curtain veil and holds me with his large hands. The golden sunlight shines too hard over his head that i’m blinded. All I see was a ball of light running down through my skin.

And all I remember afterward is  scarlet color everywhere on my hair and a scarlet river bursts out from my chest.

There’s no royal blue color anymore.

Photo: Ojo Del Gato
Place: DSK’s place

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