She stands at the edge of the cliff, the green valley is swallowed under the mist. She remembers when she was a child living in this green and rich valley. It seems like yesterday, she still can feel the touch of grass under her feet.

These days when she ran through the green meadow, with all the dreams filled with cotton candies and ribbons and honey were over. Even the boy with wheat color hair who was running after her and promissed her with sweet words and delicious vows disappeared in the air.

All changed that day when some villagers threw out the rumour about her, people chased her out of the village. She remembers she ran for a long time, through her childhood meadow, through the wheat field, leaving the grass land behind; She ran through rivers, throughs abandoned lands, until her feet were tainted red, until the forest trees.

The forest embraced her, it welcomed her into its secrets and since then, she becamed a part of the forest, she forgot cotton candies, she forgot all the ribbons, she even forgot the wheat color hair boy.

All that remained were his eyes starring at her that day, where people chasing her from her home.

But it’s OK now, she’s found a new home, in the secret of the dark forest, between the trees and the damned.

Photo: Lodovicus Nym

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